Different types of campsites in Australia

camping at full service campsites in Australia
camping at full service campsites in Australia

Whether you are new to the camping scene or a seasoned outdoorsman, understanding the different types of campsites can help you choose the perfect spot for your trip. From caravan parks to national parks and free camps, keep reading to learn about all the various types of campsites and how they can cater to any outdoor enthusiast.

Free Camping

Need a budget-friendly way to explore Australia’s great outdoors? Free camping could be your answer! Research beforehand to ensure you’re following state or national park regulations and that free camping is allowed in the area. Although there may not be access to water, electricity, or other amenities at these campsites, the scenery can offer stunning views. Wherever you decide to camp, have fun, stay safe and enjoy all the beauty the country has to offer!

free camp under the stars australia
Free camping under the stars in Australia

Caravan Parks

Caravan parks provide campers with the perfect blend of comfort and adventure. These types of campgrounds often have access to electricity, water and sometimes other amenities like a pool or games room. The downside is that campsites at caravan parks are often close together and may be noisy due to the presence of other campers. But if you happen to have a caravan or larger vehicle and are looking for camping with some added luxuries, then these caravan parks just might be the perfect fit!

caravan park camping in Australia
Share Bus group camping at caravan park

Full-Service Campgrounds

Full-service campgrounds offer a variety of amenities to make your camping experience much more comfortable. These campsites often provide access to heated shower and restroom facilities, fully equipped kitchens, playgrounds and even entertainment like mini golf courses. This type of camping is great for groups or families looking for an immersive outdoor experience with plenty of activities available. The downside is that these campgrounds tend to be more expensive than other types of campsites and may be located further from the sites that you want to see. 

Full-service campground in Australia

National Parks Campsites

National parks are a great choice for those seeking to experience the classic camping lifestyle. With access to dense forests, pristine lakes, and abundant wildlife, it’s no wonder why so many people choose these parks as their vacation destinations. Although more affordable than a full-service campsite, national park campgrounds lack standard amenities such as bathrooms and running water. Additionally, certain activities may be restricted within the park boundaries, so do your research on the park of your choice before visiting to make sure you can enjoy all the activities you desire!

Cape Range National Park in Australia

Pub Camps

If you’re looking for a convenient and comfortable camping experience then pub camps may be just the right choice for you. Here in Australia, many pubs offer free camping when you make a meal and beverage purchase. Though this may turn out to be more expensive than an ordinary campground, it’s worth the investment if you wanted to dine out anyway. You can find a list of pub campsites around Australia here.

pub campsites in australia
Pub campsites

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