Have you got a question?

Are we a tour company?

No we are a rental company. We rent a fully equipped minibus and trailer to drivers and passengers wishing to travel Australia. The start and finish dates and places are set, but the route in between is not. So choose where you jump on and then start your own adventure with your new friends on the bus.

How does it work?

You rent a seat on the bus and go!We will give you a recommended itinerary with places to go and places to sleep. So why not read through, have a chat to your bus mates and make a plan for the next few days! You’ll find the bus fully equipped with everything you need for camping and cooking so you should be able to camp almost anywhere. We also provide some games, snorkels, consumables as well as handy things like a jerry can orYou will have to stop in town every few days to pick up some food for the esky. You will also need to be prepared to set up your own camp and cook meals together. However we will help you with that by showing you how some equipment works before you leaveWe recommend giving everyone on the bus ‘jobs’. Have a ‘shopping team’, a ‘cooking team’, a ‘tent-set-up team’ and the ‘trailer-checker’ etc. Make sure you discuss what you want to do the day/night before (as you go can be chaotic!)

How does sharing a rental work?

You will each sign an individual rental contract with us and either choose to be a non-driver or a driver. However, if you rent as a passenger you must NEVER drive.A $100 deposit will be authorised on your credit card or taken by bank transfer in case there is an accident, fines, or damage to equipment (above regular wear and tear) but returned to you at the end of the trip.If something happens to the minibus/trailer that is the fault of the driver at that moment, who will lose their deposit and be responsible for the payment.

Is there a cancellation policy?

We confirm your booking with full payment. If you change your mind you won’t receive it back. However, you can find someone else to take your place on the bus without any penalty from us.

What do I need to pay extra for?

You’ll need to bring some money to put in for food. It’s recommended that you cook your meals together, which will help keep costs low. You will also need to bring some money for campsites or hostels if you decide not to free camp every night.From past trips we’ve found: $120-150 for food (for 3 weeks) $50-70 for pay acommodationOther than that – just money for extra activities – i.e. if you want to hire a kayak or join a whale shark tour. We include fuel in the cost, as well as park passes, so you don’t need to worry about it.

What do I need to bring?

Water – water is very important! We have water tanks on the bus, but you should have your own bottle so that water is always acessible to you.Your own luggage. Please don’t take too much if you don’t need to!Bring your own, swimwear, sleeping bag (for hygiene reasons), torch (head torch highly recommended), bug spray, sunscreen, good sneakers or walking shoes, warm clothes.

What will I eat?

Get ready to experience bush food! We have built a stop in a town every few days in our recommended itinerary. Take this time to stock up on a few days food. We provide a gas stove, BBQ and all the pots and pans you need so cook what you like!We suggest you try: wrapping food in alfoil and throwing it in the campfire to cook (you can do this with potatoes for example, but also with garlic bread); wraps – cheap and easy.However we will give you an easy camp meals guide when you will book online.

What will the accommodation be like?

Camping, camping, camping. Maybe a hostel or two en route if the group feels like it. There are plenty of camps along all our routes; and it is what the minibus is equipped for! It is the best way to see Australia and experience nature. Of course, it also keeps costs down.

What is the equipment included?

Click on this link to find the most current list. We include everything you need for camping, cooking and fun!http://bit.ly/2udpQWDPlease remember to bring your own sleeping bag, head torch and sunscreen! You may also need warm clothes at night, some good sneakers and any medication. We supply a basic first aid kit on the minibus, but it’s always a good idea to bring your own.

What is the minibus?

Our first sharebus is a 1999 Toyota Hiace with low kms. It is regularly serviced and maintained as well as covered by insurance and roadside assistance. It is a 2WD but we can organise an extra 4WD rental to some parts of Australia, such as in the Kimberly.

How much luggage can I bring?

We have space for your bags in the trailer but we are not a luxury coach!Please limit your luggage to 1 big bag and a small one (i.e. your regular bag, and a day backpack) The small one will be kept in the car. Please try to limit your luggage to 20kg. If you have more than that please contact us to find out if its ok – it may be if the bus isn’t full.