Share Bus Wrapped 2022


Over the past year, Share Bus has been travelling around Australia creating friendships and making forever-lasting memories for backpackers from all over the world. While exploring picture perfect beaches and meeting wildlife up-close, backpackers have had the opportunity to explore and connect with people from all corners of the globe during their 2022 Share Bus road trips.

Share Bus camp set up

Where did Share Bus travellers come from?

Travellers came from all around the world to explore Australia with Share Bus. For example, the record holder travelled 27,050km from halfway across the world – a journey which surely took more than a day just by plane. Others travelled from much closer, however people came from 40 different countries to do their Australian journeys!

The majority of our travellers came from three countries. Germany was the top source of travellers at 19.5%, followed by the United Kingdom at 16.5% and France at 8.4%.

Sign at 90 Mile Straight – Australia’s longest straight road

Which gender was more likely to travel with Share Bus?

For those seeking adventure in 2022, a road trip with Share Bus was the way to go! As for which gender was more likely to seek adventure with Share Bus – it was those who identified as female that were most likely to set out on a mission to explore Australia and make new friends at the same time.

Female travellers at Injidup Natural Spa

What was the most popular trip?

In 2022, the most popular Share Bus trip was a more than 5,000 km journey from Perth to Broome. In fact, 26.5% of travellers chose this epic route to experience the beautiful city of Perth and the unique red dirt and pristine beaches of Broome. This adventure-filled trip provided so many amazing experiences and memories to Share Bus travellers this past year.

The night sky in the North West of Australia

How far did Share Bus travel in 2022?

In 2022, Share Bus explored Australia from coast to coast, clocking over 111,000 km of breathtaking adventure. From road trips along Western Australia’s sparkling coastline to road trips that took travellers through the starlit nights in the Nullarbor – there was something for everyone. Exploring Tasmania’s stunning nature was also a highlight of the year. We also can’t forget to mention the coastal stops between Adelaide and Melbourne. Share Bus was extremely fortunate to have visited so much of this wonderful country.

Twilight Beach in Esperance, WA

Packing up 2022

Share Bus road trips in 2022 promised a unique journey of exploration and connection. The best part of the year was the friendships and relationships created along the way.

Share Bus was an incredible experience in 2022, and we can’t wait to make more amazing travel memories in 2023!

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