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The adventure continues! See some amazing photos from the shared rental backpacker road trips. These are all on our Instagram

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Take a look at our Share Bus journeys through the lenses or our travellers! Our gallery offers a glimpse into the destinations around Australia that Share Bus has travelled. Take a look at the beautiful scenery and epic adventures that have been experienced on our road trips. These magical moments that have been captured are just a taste of what you can expect on your Share Bus journey.

From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, your Share Bus journey around Australia will be filled with beautiful sites and epic adventures.

Australia is an amazing country full of vibrant cities, picturesque beaches and an almost endless list of adventure activities. From the breathtaking Lucky Bay to trekking through the rugged Australian Outback, we have explored it all. Take a look at our Instagram to see some our our travellers most memorable experiences across this unique land down under.

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