Aussie road trip quiz: Which road trip is your perfect match?


Are you planning an Aussie road trip this year?

Road trips are a great way to explore Australia no matter your travel budget, camping experience, or age. Whether you’re travelling by car, campervan, or bus, there are endless opportunities for adventure! With so many great options for exploring Australia, sometimes it is hard to decide your road trip destination. It is also hard to decide what kind of road trip you want to do.

Do you want to explore somewhere hot or somewhere cold? Would you rather spot a wombat or swim with a whale shark? Do you prefer the beach, or would you rather hike to a waterfall?

There are so many gorgeous places to explore in Australia across every state or territory.

You can find beautiful beaches, stunning national parks, and an abundance of wildlife wherever you choose to go. So, how do you decide what road trip to go on and what to see during your trip?

To make things easier for you while you plan your next adventure, we have created a quiz to help you discover which Aussie road trip is your perfect match. Will your perfect road trip be Perth to Broome, South West Loop, Broome to Darwin, Brisbane to Cairns, Tasmania Loop, Perth to Adelaide, or Adelaide to Melbourne? Press the button below to take our Aussie road trip quiz and find out what Aussie road trip is your perfect match!

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