The First Trip begins. The first 5 days


After much planning and preparation, the adventure has finally begun.


We started from Perth mid-morning after loading up the trailer with our bags and things.

We spent a lot of the first day getting to know each other, and trying to figure out how to organise ourselves with a daily routine. We wanted to save as much time during the camp set up as possible! Our first stop as we left Perth was Coles to do a giant supermarket shop together like a big family. Shortly before sunset route took us into a beautiful spot where white sand dunes meet the sky. It was a fabulous scene. If that wasn’t enough, we took the opportunity to go sand boarding. It was incredibly funny.


The second day was a cold start in the middle of nowhere with Kangaroos staring at us while having breakfast. We decided to go north quickly to chase the sun, and we passed through an amazing creation from mother nature. The Pinnacles. The Pinnacles are rocks reaching upwards all over the ground, everywhere. This area made us feel like we were on the moon. If this day wasn’t beautiful enough, we ended up staying in a camp spot surrounded by endless green and small hills. We admired the beautiful sunset while setting up the tents and we enjoyed the night around the camp fire playing guitar and laughing like a very tight group.


Right next to this beautiful country side camp was a rare scene. The pink lake. None of us had so excited since we left Perth. When we got there, our eyes saw was something that we will never forget. A very saturated pink lake took our breath away and it was just insane. We couldn’t even comprehend that we were in front of this beauty of nature. After this beautiful experience we went to a place that much less people probably know about. The Hutt River Principality. It is an area of land within Australia owned by a family that have declared themselves a “sovereign state”. Australia doesn’t give passport stamps on entry, but by visiting this place we got our first “Australian” stamp on our passport. Also, we were told about this little state in great detail by the ‘King’ of Hutt spring. We were so happy to have stopped by here because almost nobody knows about this place and it was very interesting.


The 4th day we woke up in the middle of a storm with our tents almost being blown away. Adventure. We packed everything in a rush and had breakfast in the camp kitchen. However, by the time that we finished packing the weather turned to amazing and so we decided to go explore the incredible Kalbarri National park. Here, you can admire the famous “Nature’s window” which is a window of incredible red rock framing the beautiful nature below where the cury Murchison river flows. However after a brief sunny moment, the weather changed with a snap of a finger. The wind turned very strong and we found ourselves getting caught in a rain storm that forced us to come back to the van soaking wet. Completely drenched we were a bit annoyed about the weather so we drove all the way up to Shark Bay to catch some good weather.


The morning of the 5th day was kind of romantic. After a few very cold days in tents we slept in a hostel in a warm bed in Monkey Mia. We woke up very early in the morning to catch the sunrise and go to the beach to admire and embrace our first encounter (for most of us) with dolphins. This was such a beautiful experience because dolphins are such funny and friendly animals that makes us happy just observing them. As we went earlier then everyone else to the beach we got the amazing chance to step into the ocean and play with the dolphins which were already waiting for us. But be careful, you’re not allowed to touch them. Still happy about that moment, we drove to Shell Beach where we enjoyed our lunch on a beach made out of millions of white little shells. Last stop was at Hamelin pool where you can see a very rare natural spectacle of “living fossils”

Alessandro (Journey 24) is the story teller for Share Bus’s very first trip from Perth to Broome. At the moment he is taking 2 years to travel the world without taking a plane. He’s also taken some amazing photos and videos on his journey and has even travelled on a cargo ship!