The beautiful Coral Coast and Karijini – our next steps


Alessandro/Journey 24 continues his blog about the trip between Perth and Broome. Eventually avoiding the rain, and in warm, sunny places they enjoy some beautiful destinations

Coral Bay

The adventure continued at the amazing beach in Coral Bay. We spent 3 nights here to take a little break enjoying the sun and playing together at the beach or going snorkelling. The water in the bay was a very clear, transparent blue water which made it perfect to admire the colourful coral and sea life.

Camp near Coral Bay

With our batteries charged and full of energy we packed all our stuff and the road took us to another incredible national park that is facing the ocean.

Cape Range National Park at Exmouth.

We ended up staying here 3 nights, because there are so many activities to do and it is definitely worth spending more than one night. You can scuba dive world famous dive sites like the navy pier within the lagoon, go to the outer reef or go even further to the Muiron Islands. Depending on the season of your stay in Exmouth, you can see many humpback whales whenever you’re on a boat (it does not even have to be a whale watching tour!) Exmouth is also one of the very few spots in the world where large numbers of whale sharks, the biggest fish alive, appear regularly along the coast, so take the opportunity to do this once in a life time experience to swim with this gentle giant on a tour. This is also seasonal.

Cape Range National Park from above

However, even for free, you can see a lot of the fantastic marine life at this place! Just snorkel from any beach that is to your liking in the Cape Range National Park and you may encounter (harmless) reef sharks, fish, dolphins or even manta rays all year around. We recommend Oyster Stacks.

Reef shark hanging out at Cape Range National Park

Nothing like a WA sunset. Hanging out at Cape Range

Tom Price

Leaving Exmouth and all its beauty was not easy, but it was time to get back on the road and make our way to Tom Price. Generally, there is not too much to see here but we arrived at the right time to enjoy a local festival, the “Nameless Festival. We lived a true Australian countryside evening and admired fireworks before going to sleep. It wasn’t a planned stop but it was definitely worth it.

Karijini National Park

Adventures in Karijini

The next destination was Karijini national park. We had all been looking forward to this enchanting place, all trip. We spent 2 nights and 3 days here and during the day we explored the amazing surroundings. We visited the beautiful gorges throughout the natural canyons. We also climbed rocks to get to the beautiful natural pools that this place has to offer. Also, I can highly recommend a good, but not too difficult, hike up the hill to admire the vastness of this national park from the top.

Karijini from above