The Best Free Camps in Western Australia

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Free camps are great if you’re on a budget. But the best free camps are also WILD. Some of these campsites are a little bit isolated, but in our opinion, you’ll need to get out of the towns to find the best free camps in WA. We’ve separated the campsites by region to make it easier to find what you’re after!

Best free camps in the Kimberley Region

Ngumban Cliff Rest Area

On a little cliff, with a nice open area, good view and clean toilets – Ngumban Cliff Rest Area is a scenic and comfortable stay. If you’re taking the highway between Broome and Darwin this is a good rest stop after visiting Geikie Gorge or Halls Creek.

Ngumban Cliff Rest Area - one of the best free camps in the Kimberley region in Western Australia
Ngumban Cliff Rest Area – on the highway just after Halls Creek; during Broome to Darwin Share Bus trip


In the dry season you can choose to camp on a dry salt lake which is quite interesting! This is at the end of the Gibb River Road, near Wyndham. You can camp here if you are visiting Emma Gorge (using a 2WD), or if you are finishing the Gibb River Road you could also make a stop here. The best way to find this camp is to look at free camps near Wyndham in the Wikicamps app.

Wyndham, a unique free camp on a salt lake in the Kimberley region in Western Australia
Wyndham during Broome to Darwin Share Bus trip

Best free camps between Perth and Broome

Between Perth and Broome, on the coast, most of the free camps aren’t entirely anything special. You might find yourself camping on the side of the road every now and then. However, there are definitely a few wild, hidden treasures.

Knobby Head North

Knobby Head North is part of a string of free camps right on the beach between Greenhead and Dongara. Its a good stop to make before Geraldton. There’s quite a few camps in this area but this is the first stop heading North which is suitable for both. This campsite is great because once you’ve finished setting up camp you can walk straight out to the beach. Its also just off the main road, yet feels spacious, quiet and wild.

As at June 2020 it is closed due to Covid, but here’s hoping it reopens soon.

Knobby Head North, near Dongara North of Greenhead
Knobby Head North. Beach access is very easy, although there is seaweed

Galena Bridge Rest Area

Galena Bridge is the closest free camp to Kalbarri, but still a good 80km from the town and 94km from the gorges. This makes it a good stop either into or out of Kalbarri or the gorges. There’s plenty of space here, as well as good toilets and plenty of rubbish bins. A good free camp close to a town with otherwise expensive accommodation.

Galena Bridge is the best free camp to stay at if exploring Kalbarri

Best free camps in the South-West

East Bay Campground

Easy Bay campground is a beautiful spot, but don't go here with a trailer! One of the best free camps in the South West of Western Australia
East Bay Campground: Timouroundtheworld

This campground is beautiful, and quite popular as it’s not too far from Albany and it’s right on the beach. It’s quite small so get there early. Just a quick warning, don’t go here if you’re travelling with Share Bus! It has quite a steep entry and a small turning circle – so it will be very difficult to get back out and is also best suited to 4WD although you can access with a 2WD.

Cosy Corner East

If you are looking for somewhere you can go with Share Bus (on a Perth to Adelaide or South West Loop trip), we recommend Cosy Corner East! It’s a little bit easier to access, also on the beach, but quite small. So you should get there early!. Additionally, its also in a nice spot, located between Denmark and Albany.

A cute group of Share Bus travellers at the Cosy Corner East camp, near Albany and Denmark int he south West
A bit of a chilly afternoon cooking at Cosy Corner on the Perth to Adelaide trip. Credit Giu8gi

These are some of the best free camps in Western Australia in our opinion! Additionally, these campsites can be found along the main tourist routes in Western Australia. However, for sure, there are some a little bit off the beaten track we may have missed. What do you think? Do you know a special free camp?