Perth to Adelaide

Jump on the Share Bus from Perth to Adelaide to discover the South West, cross the Nullarbor and explore the Eyre Peninsula.

The road trip goes for 21 days and 20 nights. The destination is set, but the route is not – take control of your own adventure!

Explore the South-West of Western Australia. This is one of Earth’s biodiversity hotspots, with many species endemic to the region. So enjoy the forests and nature around you! You’ll get to pat stingrays, chill with kangaroos and climb giant trees.

This place is also famous for wine and food so enjoy a few cheeky tastings as well. Afterwards, head on the long drive in-land across the Nullarbor, the name itself is Latin for “no trees”. Check out the Great Australian Bight, and see some whales. You’ll also see the famous Bunda Cliffs, maybe eat some fresh seafood and check out a pink lake and some working stations on the way. Spend some time beachside on the Eyre Peninsula at then roll in to Adelaide.

Expect to get fit with lots of hiking, snorkelling and exercise as you appreciate the natural sights. This is a no-frills adventure – you’ll be setting up your own tents, cooking your own dinner and sharing your tent with other 1 or 2 travellers. The target age group is 18-35.

Things to note

Please note this is a minibus rental, not a guided tour. You rent a seat on the bus. We provide a recommended itinerary to help guide you. You will rent your seat as either a ‘driver’ or ‘non-driver’. Non-drivers must never drive. Drivers can share driving and must be aged 21+ Once you book you will be given a full guide with free activities, paid activities, recommended campsites to visit, as well as recommended sights to see. Please bring your own water bottle, sunscreen and torch. Be prepared for the tough weather!
Trip Highlights

    See stingrays, kangaroos and whales
    Explore the Nullabor and the South-West
    Forests, climbing a giant tree and white beaches in the South-west
    Visit working stations, outback towns and the Bunda Cliffs accross the Nullarbor


General inclusions

  • Your Toyota Hiace Minibus, to drive to the places you choose (but not on 4WD roads!)
  • Fully equipped trailer with everything you need for camping, cooking, and fun (equipment list)
  • Consumables such as: toilet paper, oil, salt and pepper, gas, bin bags etc
  • Recommended itinerary (but you have freedom!)
  • Guidebook (for activities and camping locations – both free and pay sites)
  • Fuel consumption for unlimited km
  • Comprehensive insurance with roadside assistance
  • Special discounts on activities and accommodation
  • National Park Entries

Trip-specific inclusions

  • Western Australia National Park Entries
  • Last night accommodation
  • Snorkelling gear


  • Accommodation: although you can choose to stay at plenty of free camps, or budget pay camps
  • Food: We will give you all the equipment you need to cook what you like!
  • Sleeping bag: bring your own for hygiene reasons
  • Guide: it’s just you and fellow “rentees” driving this minibus. Enjoy!

Recommended itinerary

Please note this is the recommended itinerary, you can update it with your crew.

Day 01: Black Diamond Lake

Meet in the morning to load up the Share Bus, meet your trip mates and do a big food shop for the next few days/week. Then drive a few short hours out of Perth to Black Diamond Lake near Collie! This beautiful blue lake is a local treasure, spend the afternoon here, maybe have a BBQ. Then head to your free camp nearby at Wellington Dam

Day 02 Dunsborough/Eagle Bay

Its a day for beautiful beaches. Head to Busselton to see the longest wooden jetty in the world. Afterwards drive to Dunsborough and Eagle Bay regions, stopping to see all the amazing beaches in the region on the way. They must be among the best in the world. Make sure you grab an ice cream at Simmos in Dunsborough as well.

Day 03/04: Margaret River and Hamelin Bay

Check out Margaret River region known for it’s food, wine and surfing. Go to a few cheeky wine/cheese/chocolate tastings, and check out surfer’s point. Do a side trip to Hamelin Bay as well. Stingrays come right up to the beach here, and you can even pat them.

Day 05: Pemberton

Pemberton has an incredibly beautiful forest and is filled with GIANT trees. You can climb to the top several giant trees such as the Gloucester tree which is 58m high. A little bit scary, but amazing. Go for a walk in this region, you could perhaps hike some of the Bibbulmun track find a nice swimming spot.

Day 06 Walpole and Denmark

Check out the beautiful forests and tall trees of Walpole before heading into the hippy town of Denmark. Walpole is famous for the Giant tree top walk, however there are also other free walks you could do to enjoy the region. Once in Denmark visit the inlet here Ocean Beach to surf, or Greens Pool to chill. Definitely check out the Elephant Rocks as well.

Day 07/08: Albany

Spend some time in the town of Albany. Remember to stock up on your food! Visit the natural sights nearby at Torndirrup National Park and the Porongorups and perhaps make a trip to hike up Bluff Knoll in the Stirling Ranges, which is the only place in Western Australia that sometimes receives snow (not that there will be snow in summer!)

Day 09: Fitzgerald River National Park

Fitzgerald River is a large National Park located between Albany and Esperance. It has swimming beaches, fishing beaches, rocky sea cliffs, calm inlets, steep and easy hikes, unique vegetations, and diverse landscapes. Go on a day hike and for a snorkel!

Day 10/11: Esperance and Cape Le Grand

Esperance is the place where all the beautiful photos of incredibly white beaches and kangaroos are taken. Make sure you go to Lucky Bay for this experience, and maybe hike up Frenchman’s peak. There are many beautiful beaches to explore all with very white sand and clear blue water

Day 12: Norseman

Today you start the trip on the Nullarbor, with it’s start at outback mining town Norseman. Have a look around Norseman and check out some of its statues and lookouts, or jump in their free pool for a swim. Once done, head east on the Nullarbor to get a head start on the Nullarbor. Pull up at a free camp and enjoy some drinks around the fire

Day 13: Nullarbor

Head to Madura and then Eucla On the way to Madura stop at Balladonia, Caiguna and Cocklebiddy to check out the local attractions like caves or a blow hole. Get a photo at the sign for Australia’s longest straight road. Continue on to Eucla to see the town thats being buried by Sand Dunes. Stop at the Old telegraph station and jetty to stretch your legs.

Day 14: Eucla to Cactus Beach

Head accross the border and check out the Bunda cliffs. Maybe you can spot some whales too. Keep driving until you get to the Cactus Beach area. You can see some surfers here, as well as a pink lake (on one side blue, on the other side pink). There’s a nice picnic spot nearby. Head to the end of the Nullarbor at Ceduna, or set up camp and do it the next day

Day 15: Ceduna and Streaky Bay.

End of the Nullarbor! Ceduna is famous for oysters and seafood; so you could check it out, try some fishing, then move on to Streaky Bay. There’s a nice scenic drive nearby, the bay and some interesting Granite formations. Streaky Bay is close to Baird Bay where you can see sea lions the following morning.

Day 16/17: Eyre Peninsula

Take some time to explore the Eyre Peninsula. Its possible to swim with sea lions here! Then continue down the coast to explore Venus Bay, Talia Caves and Greenly Beach – home to some really cool rockpools.

Day 18: Coffin Bay National Park

Check out this amazing national park, it’s close to Port lincoln so once you’re done you could go into down to try (or catch) the fresh seafood. If some of you are interested in cage diving with sharks – Port Lincoln is the place to do it. At Coffin Bay National Park you can see Point Avoid, Almonta Beach, Golden Island and Yangie Bay which are all beautiful.

Day 19/20: Flinders Ranges: Head up to Flinders Ranges.

Stop at the town of Quorn on the way and then spend some time discovering this outback mountain range. It’s rich in Aboriginal history and home to a lot of wildlife. It is a bit of a detour to get here; so if you prefer you could skip it and spend some more time at the beach and spend a night near the Barossa Valley instead.

Day 21: Adelaide

Head to Adelaide! If you find yourself with more time you can also check out a few sights around Adelaide like the pink lake Lake Bumbunga and the Barossa Valley wine region.

Trip details

Perth to Adelaide

Trip length: 21 days

Early bird: $774 (4+ weeks before Start Date)
Full fee: $848

Start Date:

  • TBA from October 2020


Discounts are available:

  • if you book more than 4 weeks in advance
  • for groups of friends travelling together
  • if you want to stay on the Share Bus for more than one trip

Please send us an email for details and to ask for your discount eligibility.

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