Group camping activities to keep you entertained on your next adventure


Camping with a group can be an amazing way to create lasting memories. From team-building games to stargazing, there are lots of ways to make the most out of your time in the great outdoors. Here are four of the best group camping activities you can enjoy together!

Outdoor Movie Night

An outdoor movie night is a great way to add a touch of magic to your camping trip. All you need is a projector, electric lanterns and decorations and you’ll be ready to set up for the perfect movie night. Choose a movie that everyone can enjoy, find a flat surface for the projector, sit back and enjoy the show!

Campfire Cooking Contests

Campfire cooking contests are a sure-fire way to bring your camping trip to life! Organize teams, hand out supplies and ingredients, and let the games begin. You can even give small prizes for whoever makes the tastiest s’mores or the most creative breakfast creation. Not only will this turn into an unforgettable night, full of laughter and good food, it’s also a great way to nurture your teamwork skills.

Hiking as a Group

Gather your group and explore nature! Choose a hike that’s appropriate for the skill and fitness level of your group. Make sure you plan ahead, bringing enough water, snacks, and supplies to keep everyone in your group safe and comfortable during your journey. Don’t forget to take breaks along the way so you can take in the scenery and make some fun memories.


In Australia, we are lucky to be surrounded by a stunning coastline that is filled with ocean life. On your next camping adventure, stop off at one of our iconic beaches and enjoy a group snorkel. See what different sea life you can spot and make sure to tell the rest of your group if you find or see something cool so that you can all take a look.

Camping activities are the perfect way to bond with your group while enjoying the beauty of nature. Whether you’re hiking, snorkelling, cooking, or watching a movie outdoors, these activities will create memories that will last for years to come. So, grab your camping gear and get ready for an unforgettable adventure!