Tasmania Loop

Jump on the Share Bus to do a two week Tasmania road trip while making a full loop around the island. While backpacking Tasmania you’ll explore incredible natural wonders such as impressive mountains and views, rivers, beaches, wild forests, isolated lakes and waterfalls. You’ll also spot so many animals!

Trip details

Tasmania Loop Trip
Length: 14 days

Early bird: $1030 (if you book 6+ weeks in advance)
Full fee: $1126

Start Dates:

How it works

We’re not a tour – we’re a shared rental! So that means it works a little differently to any tour or car rental you’ve done before. The people joining the trip share the driving, camping, trip planning and experience. This way of travelling offers a more flexible and self-guided trip. However, you get everything you could need for a camping road trip plus an awesome group of travel mates! Plus, its great option if you are looking for a budget option for backpacking Tasmania.

About the route

You’ll have 14 days to do a full loop of Tasmania, starting by heading anti-clockwise. Meet us in Hobart to begin your adventure.

Tasmania is a photographer and nature lover’s dream! There are so many natural wonders packed into this island with all of waterfalls, lakes, beaches and mountains to explore. Plus animals to spot as well. Start in Hobart, then head anti-clockwise to hit Port Arthur first. There is plenty to explore there – with excellent hiking and convict history/prison to discover.

On the east coast some highlights might be Maria Island (wombats), Freycinet National park which has Wineglass bay, as well as the Bay of Fires.  You’ll also have the chance to see Launceston(with its in-town gorge!) as well as Cradle Mountain. In the West you’ll enjoy mountainous and wild scenery as you explore lakes, waterfalls and rainforests. Towards the end of the Tasmania road trip you’ll see the South – and Bruny Island’s scenery and food will probably be a highlight.

Expect to get fit with lots of hiking, snorkeling and exercise as you appreciate the natural sights. This is a no-frills adventure – you’ll be setting up your own tents, sharing the driving, cooking your own dinner and sharing your tent with other 1 or 2 travellers. The target age group is 18-35. Its a fun and social option for backpacking Tasmania

Things to note

Please note this is a minibus rental, not a guided tour. Therefore, the group share the rental and responsibility for a minibus, trailer and camping equipment. You essentially ‘rent your seat’ on the minibus!
We provide a recommended itinerary to help you. This includes recommendations for different places, camps and activities (like beaches, snorkel spots and hikes!).
We also teach you how to use the equipment before you leave, teach you how to attach, detach and pack the trailer.  We also remain fully contactable during your trip for any questions.
You will rent your seat as either a ‘driver’ or ‘non-driver’. If you choose non-driver you must never drive.
Drivers can share driving and must be aged 21+.
The minibus seats 12, and anyone with a regular driver’s license can drive it.
Please bring your own water bottle and sleeping bag. However, limit your luggage to about 20kg – 1 big bag, and one day bag/small backpack. The trailer is full of all the camping equipment you need and has space for your bags. You should also be prepared to free camp at least half the time!

Tasmania Road Trip Highlights

  • Cradle Mountain
  • The east coast of Tasmania with the Bay of Fires, Wineglass Bay and Binalong Bay
  • Opportunity to spot echidnas, wallabies, wombats and possums quite easily.
  • The feeling of being in untouched nature throughout whole Tasmania road trip


General inclusions

  • Your Toyota Hiace Minibus, to drive to the places you choose (but not on 4WD roads!)
  • Fully equipped trailer with everything you need for camping, cooking, and fun
  • Consumables such as: toilet paper, oil, salt and pepper, gas, bin bags
  • Recommended itinerary (but you have freedom!)
  • Guide (for activities and camping locations – both free and pay sites)
  • Fuel consumption for unlimited km
  • Comprehensive insurance with roadside assistance
  • Special discounts on activities

Trip-specific inclusions

  • National Park Entries


  • Accommodation: although you can choose to stay at plenty of free camps (Tasmania has some excellent ones), or budget pay camps
  • Food: We will give you all the equipment you need to cook what you like!
  • Sleeping bag: bring your own for hygiene reasons
  • Guide: it’s just you and fellow “rentees” driving this minibus. Enjoy!

Recommended itinerary

Please note that this itinerary is just a ‘starting point’ and recommendation! You are free to customise your trip as you want. For example, skip a place, stay somewhere longer, add a place or even travel in the opposite direction (sometimes it works out better with the weather 😉 )

Day 01/02 Port Arthur and the Tasman Peninsula

Time to start your Tasmania road trip! First, head to the Tasman Peninsula, taking time to view various coastal lookout points, until you reach Port Arthur. It is the best preserved convict site in Australia and deserves some time. However, the whole Tasman Peninsula is beautiful and has excellent hiking. Head to Fortescue Bay (also a pretty beach) and start the Cape Hauy track to do a fantastic hike and get a view from the top of the tallest sea cliffs in Australia. Other hiking is available leaving from the same location though if that sounds too difficult for you!

Day 03/04 Great Eastern Drive and Freycinet National Park

Head up the east coast. If you can plan it in, definitely go to Maria Island for very nice hiking and old convict buildings (which feel much less commercial than Port Arthur). It’s also covered in wombats and other wildlife. Otherwise, you can view other coastal spots until you reach Freycinet. Freycinet has many different hiking options, but the most famous is the Wineglass Bay lookout. You can also hike down to Wineglass bay, if you don’t mind hiking back up again. Alternatively, if you are fit and the weather has been good, the hike up to Mount Amos has the best views at the top! But it is difficult!

Day 05 Bay of Fires

Head to Binalong Bay; to start your exploration of the Bay of Fires. You will find many different beaches you can stop at; all with firey red rocks, white sand and beautiful clear blue water. The best swimming spot would be Binalong Bay (the town before the drive up the beaches). Although the best exploring is at the other beaches, as well as the best camping. That’s because there are so many free beach side camps in this area! If you want an activity to break up the beaches, there are some wineries on the east coast you could visit.

Day 06/07: Launceston

Head into Launceston. Spend one day in town, and visit it’s local gorge which is right in the middle of town. Then spend another day to head North to explore the area and wineries along the river. Afterwards, you could drive north up to Narwantapu National Park and camp there. You’ll be able to see many animals come out at night.

Day 08/09: Cradle Mountain

Make your way to Cradle Mountain, one the must-see stops for anyone backpacking Tasmania. Once there, you will have a choice of many hikes depending on what you want to see and your fitness level. However, definitely keep an eye on the weather, as its only worth going up to the top if its a clear day! Otherwise you can check out Dove Lake or do another hike

Day 10/11: West Coast Tasmania

Drive around the west coast of Tasmania with the aim to arrive in Lake St Clair. On the way there you can stop to see some nice views and hikes in the mountains, some picturesque lakes as well as many waterfalls. Once in Lake St Clair you can choose another hike to do. There’s a chance you could spot a platypus on the platypus viewing trail – best seen early in the morning, or late in the afternoon.

Day 12: Mount Field National Park

Mount Field is a nice national park not too far from Hobart. Here, You’ll be able to see some beautiful nature, and up to 3 or 4 waterfalls. Nearby, you can also visit a cave, or go pick up some fresh Tasmanian berries (pick your own, or just buy)

Day 13/14: South Tasmania and Bruny Island

Head South. You can stop by the Hartz Mountains to hike, or past farms and wineries to try some delicious treats. However, instead of camping on the mainland, you should consider camping at Bruny Island. We think it’s a must-do for people backpacking Tasmania. We recommend camping at ‘the Neck’ where you can see penguins come out at night! On Bruny you can also enjoy more beautiful beaches and nature, as well as taste some delicious food like oysters or cheese. Then head back to Hobart on Day 14 and celebrate the end of your trip


Discounts are available:

  • if you book more than 6 weeks in advance
  • for groups of friends travelling together
  • if you want to stay on the Share Bus for more than one trip

Please send us an email for details and to ask for your discount eligibility.

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