Sydney to Melbourne

Jump on the Share Bus from Melbourne to Sydney to travel with a bunch of other backpackers between Australia’s two most iconic cities. See incredible beaches, animals, and scenery on the way.

How it works

We’re not a tour – we’re a shared rental! That means it works a little differently. The people joining the trip share the driving, camping, trip planning and experience. This way of travelling offers a more flexible and self-guided trip. It’s also more affordable than a tour. However, you get everything you could need for a camping road trip plus an awesome group of travel mates! Additionally, you get to share the long drive.

About the route

This trip goes for 7 days and 6 nights. The destination is set, but the route is not – take control of your own adventure!

See some of the whitest beaches in the world at Jervis Bay and enjoy the beauty and wilderness of Wilson’s Promontory. After leaving Sydney stop by Kangaroo valley to set up camp next to a river and chill out with some Wombats. Then head to Jervis Bay to start your beaches journey and see the nice national park nearby. Then swim, surf, kayak and hike throughout nature as you travel along the coastline, stopping at beaches and amazing locations.

You’ll have the opportunity to venture inland to reach the top of Australia’s highest mountain. Then head back to the coast. Make sure you head over to Paynesville near Lakes Entrance, which is an island full of animals. As well as explore those inland waterways.

In the last couple of days you can go to Wilsons Promontory to see some incredible beaches and hike up a mountain to get an incredible view of forest and ocean. Finally, cruise into Melbourne and enjoy the city!

Expect to get fit with lots of hiking, snorkelling and exercise as you appreciate the natural sights. This is a no-frills adventure – you’ll be setting up your own tents, sharing the driving, cooking your own dinner and sharing your tent with other 1 or 2 travellers. The target age group is 18-35.

Things to note

Please note this is a minibus rental, not a guided tour. You rent a seat on the bus. We provide a recommended itinerary to help guide you. You are all sharing the driving, cooking and trip planning (but you have a comprehensive guidebook to help) You will rent your seat as either a ‘driver’ or ‘non-driver’. Non-drivers must never drive. Drivers can share driving and must be aged 21+ Once you book you will be given a full guide with free activities, paid activities, recommended campsites to visit, as well as recommended sights to see. Please bring your own water bottle, sunscreen and torch. Be prepared for the tough weather! Please limit luggage to 20kg and two bags.

Trip Highlights

  • See wombats, penguins, koalas, kangaroos
  • Explore national parks, climb mountains, see some of the whitest beaches in the world
  • Travel through small beachy seaside towns, and have the whole beach to yourselves
  • Start and finish in Australia’s most famous cities


General inclusions

  • Your Toyota Hiace Minibus, to drive to the places you choose (but not on 4WD roads!)
  • Fully equipped trailer with everything you need for camping, cooking, and fun
  • Consumables such as: toilet paper, oil, salt and pepper, gas, bin bags
  • Recommended itinerary (but you have freedom!)
  • Guide (for activities and camping locations – both free and pay sites)
  • Fuel consumption for unlimited km
  • Comprehensive insurance with roadside assistance
  • Special discounts on activities and accomodation

Trip-specific inclusions

  • National Park Entries


  • Most accommodation: although you can choose to stay at plenty of free camps, or budget pay camps
  • Food: We will give you all the equipment you need to cook what you like!
  • Sleeping bag: bring your own for hygiene reasons
  • Guide: it’s just you and fellow “rentees” driving this minibus. Enjoy!

Recommended itinerary

Day 01: Kangaroo Valley

After meeting your road trip buddies, doing a food shop and getting ready for the road trip; head to Wollongong to see the Sea Cliff Beach and make a pit-stop at the beach. Afterwards head a little bit inland to get to Kangaroo Valley. Here you can camp by the river, and watch the wombats (so many!) come out as the sun goes down. Also watch out for other Aussie animals!

Day 02: Jervis Bay

One of the contenders for the whitest sand in Australia. Chill out at Jervis Bay for some great beach time, or maybe a snorkel. If you’re feeling motivated by the late afternoon get a head start on the next day by driving inland on the way to Canberra/Thredbo.

Day 03: Mount Kosciuszko

If you want to learn a bit about Australia’s history, stop by Canberra. Otherwise head straight to Thredbo to climb Australia’s tallest mountain. Don’t worry – you can catch a chairlift most of the way up 😉 . After hiking for a couple of hours take a photo on the top of the Australia! Finish your day hanging out in Thredbo, or maybe camping in free camp by the river, at the bottom of the mountains.

Day 04: Beaches down the coast

Head back to the coastline for the rest of the trip. This day is made for beach hopping down the coast. Make sure to stop at all the little beaches, towns and lookouts as you explore Merimbula, Eden, Mallacoota and Cape Conran. Why not try to surf at some point!

Day 05 : Gippsland Lakes (Lakes Entrance)

These are the largest network of inland waterways in Australia. Pick a water sport: swimming, snorkelling, surfing, kayaking as you explore this area. After seeing the Gippsland Lakes, catch a little ferry accross to Paynesville Island. It’s full of wildlife!

Day 06: Wilson’s Promontory

Known for it’s rugged scenery and abundant wildlife, Wilson’s Promotory is on a Peninsula close to Melbourne and you can truly incredible and wild nature here. You can visit ‘Squeaky Beach’ (which squeaks!), hike a mountain, and maybe even see wombats here! At the end of the day you could also relax at the outdoor cinema inside the national park

Day 07: Wilson’s Promontory to Melbourne

Use this morning to do any hikes you didn’t manage to do on Day 6. Perhaps use the cool of the morning to hike to the summit of Mount Oberon. Then – head into Melbourne to enjoy your night, clean and tidy the bus/trailer and celebrate your arrival with your new road trip family.

Trip details

Sydney to Melbourne

Trip length: 7 days

Early bird: $510 (6+ weeks before Start Date)
Full fee: $543

Start Dates:


Discounts are available:

  • if you book more than 6 weeks in advance
  • for groups of friends travelling together
  • if you want to stay on the Share Bus for more than one trip

Please send us an email for details and to ask for your discount eligibility.

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