Perth to Broome

Jump on the Share Bus for a road trip of a lifetime as you journey from Perth to Broome in Western Australia. Enjoy the stunning coastal scenery, unique wildlife, rich cultural heritage and more on this incredible self-guided tour! Discover hidden gems and experience the very best of this beautiful region on this amazing adventure.

Trip details

Perth to Broome
Trip length: 21 days

Early bird: $1541 (6+ weeks before Start Date)
Full fee: $1692

Secure your spot with a $300 booking deposit! (rest due 14 days before the trip)

Start Dates:

How it works

We’re not a tour – we’re a shared rental! That means it works a little differently. The people joining the trip share the driving, camping, trip planning and experience. This way of travelling offers a more flexible and self-guided trip. It’s also more affordable than a tour. However, you get everything you could need for a camping road trip plus an awesome group of travel mates! Additionally, you get to share the long drive .

About the route

You have 21 days to drive from Perth to Broome. At first you’ll travel up the coast. There are many beautiful, long, isolated beaches which you can use for swimming, kayaking and other water activities. Including swimming with dolphins! However, the real highlight is the Ningaloo Reef. It rivals the Great Barrier Reef, but you don’t need a boat, just jump in from the beach for some world-class snorkelling.

You will also see vast stretches of red land and desert as you head inland to explore spectacular Karijini National Park and it’s falls, swimming holes and gorges. Then head North to Broome, stopping by a couple of small towns; and one very long beach.

Expect to get fit with lots of hiking, snorkelling and exercise as you appreciate the natural sights. This is a no-frills adventure – you’ll be setting up your own tents, cooking your own dinner and sharing your tent with one or two other people. The target age group is 18-35.

Things to note

Please note this is a minibus rental, not a guided tour. The group share the rental of a minibus, trailer and camping equipment. You essentially ‘rent your seat’ on the minibus!

We provide a recommended itinerary to help you. This includes recommendations for different places, camps and activities (like beaches, snorkel spots and hikes!). We also teach you how to use the equipment before you leave, teach you how to attach, detach and pack the trailer. We also remain fully contactable during your trip for any questions.

You will rent your seat as either a ‘driver’ or ‘non-driver’. If you choose non-driver you must never drive. Drivers can share driving and must be aged 21+. The minibus seats 12, and anyone with a regular driver’s license can drive it.

Please bring your own water bottle and sleeping bag. However, limit your luggage to about 20kg – 1 big bag, and one day bag/small backpack. The trailer is full of all the camping equipment you need and has space for your bags. Be prepared to free camp at least half the time!

Perth to Broome Highlights

  • The gorges and swimming holes of Karijini National Park
  • Swimming with dolphins in Monkey Mia
  • Snorkelling the Ningaloo Reef off the coast
  • The beautiful beaches of Cape Range National Park


General inclusions

  • Your Toyota Hiace Minibus, to drive to the places you choose (but not on 4WD roads!)
  • Fully equipped trailer with everything you need for camping, cooking, and fun (equipment list)
  • Consumables such as: toilet paper, oil, salt and pepper, gas, bin bags etc
  • Recommended itinerary (but you have freedom!)
  • Guidebook (for activities and camping locations – both free and pay sites)
  • Fuel consumption for unlimited km
  • Comprehensive insurance with roadside assistance
  • Special discounts on activities and accommodation
  • National Park Entries

Trip-specific inclusions

  • Snorkelling gear to explore the Ningaloo reef from Coral Bay and Cape Range National Park


  • Accommodation: although you can choose to stay at free camps, or budget pay camps
  • Food: We will give you all the equipment you need to cook what you like!
  • Sleeping bag: bring your own for hygiene reasons
  • Guide: it’s just you and fellow “rentees” driving this minibus. Enjoy!

Recommended itinerary

This is a summary of the recommended itinerary we provide you; and the places we think are great for a Perth to Broome road trip! However, feel free to change this as you wish with your trip mates! Stay longer, shorter, add or skips places etc.

Day 01: Yanchep and Lancelin

Meet your travel mates and take your first steps on your road trip from Perth to Broome. Explore Yanchep National Park (just north of Perth) to see koalas and kangaroos, before heading to Lancelin to play on giant sand dunes and go sandboarding, kayaking or swimming.

Day 02: Pinnacles and Jurien Bay

View the world famous Pinnacles at Cervantes! Then spend a day to explore the beaches in the area. There’s opportunities for both snorkelling and swimming with sea lions at Jurien Bay! Then further north there are beautiful beaches, coastal walks and BBQ area at Greenhead.

Day 03: Ellendale Pool and Geraldton

Stop at the relaxing Ellendale pool for a swim and a walk. You could even camp here if you want. Otherwise, head to Geraldton to collect food and supplies and explore the town. There are some nice animal parks here, as well as an old haunted homestead.

Day 04: Hutt Lagoon and Kalbarri

On the way to Kalbarri stop at Hutt Lagoon. It is a pink lake! Crazy. Once you’ve finished taking photos, head to Kalbarri. it is famous for its gorge, rugged 100m high sea cliffs, beautiful views and walks.

Day 05: Kalbarri

Spend a second day in Kalbarri. You should definitely take a couple of the famous hikes in the Murchison Gorge. Everyone knows you can find the famous ‘Natures Window’ there, but to be honest you should do a few of the walks and hike down to the gorge as it is amazing!

Day 06/07: Monkey Mia and Shark Bay World Heritage area

Head towards Monkey Mia stopping at sights like Shell Beach, Eagle Bluff and the town of Denham on the way. Monkey Mia is famous for being able to feed and swim with dolphins! Stay overnight at Monkey Mia and enjoy the dolphin experience the next morning and laze by the beach and swim near dolphins during the day.

Day 08: Shark Bay World Heritage Area and Hamelin Pool

Explore what you haven’t seen of the Shark Bay area: perhaps have a picnic at Little Lagoon. Head towards a stop at Hamelin Pool. You can see ancient stromatolites there. Then make a headstart on the drive towards Carnarvon.

Day 09: Carnarvon

Go to town for a day and stock up on supplies. You can go see the farms in the area and pick up some mangoes and check out the boardwalk. Head out of town to see the impressive Quobba Blowholes and then jump in the water at the snorkelling spot nearby.

Day 10/11: Coral Bay

Coral Bay is a special place! It’s a very small town with a beautiful beach. The most special part is that you can snorkel the Ningaloo Reef right off the coast! Stay here for a couple of nights.

Day 12/13: Cape Range National Park

Cape Range National Park is often a favourite spot on the Perth to Broome road trip. It’s an amazing place, camp here if you can get a spot! There is world-class snorkelling at Oyster Stacks. Or you can visit one of the most beautiful beaches in existence at Turquoise Bay. There is also some nice hiking available at Yardie Creek and Charles Knife Canyon.

Day 14: Cape Range National Park and Exmouth

Spend the morning at Cape Range National Park, or do a swim with the whalesharks (booked at a discount through us!) before heading to the town of Exmouth. Here, stock up on your food, and explore the town. Drive a couple of hours towards Karijini National Park before setting up camp for the night.

Day 15,16 and 17: Karijini National Park

It’s a long drive to Karijini, but it’s potentially the most beautiful spot on the drive from Perth to Broome. Once you are there you should set up a camp for a few nights. There’s a lot to see. There are waterfalls, pools, hikes, gorges. We can recommend Mount Bruce, Dales Gorge and Fortescue Falls but there are more beautiful sights to see. However, theres much more so stop at a visitor centre and read our guidebook!

Day 18: Karijini National Park to Port Hedland

Spend the morning in Karijini before heading to Port Hedland. It’s not a typical tourist destination but it’s an opportunity to go to the beach again for the first time in days! You can also go to a few lookouts and re-stock on groceries.

Day 19: Marble Bar

Marble Bar is famous for being the hottest town in Australia. But you shouldn’t worry too much unless you visit in summer. When you drive here you get to see some real red Australia. Fortunately, there are a lot of gorges and waterholes around. You can also camp at some gorges in the area.

Day 20: 80 Mile Beach

Spend the morning in the Marble Bar area; perhaps see some gorges or prospect for gold. In the early afternoon head to 80 Mile Beach. It is a very long beach, but may not be safe to swim at because of crocodiles and sharks! It is famous for shell-collecting and fishing but other than that, it is the only beach here. A very, long, beach.

Day 21: Broome

Head to Broome with your new friends! Perhaps go for a Camel Ride at sunset at Cable Beach, or visit Gantheaume Point. A beer to celebrate the end of the journey will be appreciated! Your Share Bus Perth to Broome road trip is over… but where will you adventure next?


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