On to Kununurra


Next stop Kununurra

We had a few hours drive until we reached Kununurra. On the way, we were deciding whether to sleep in a hostel or just go to a caravan park. I was looking forward to doing some washing, I guess we all were. We’d also been planning to clean and organise the van a little bit. It was already getting to be a mess after a week, with our dirty shoes all over the place and dust everywhere. Yes, we needed to clean it.

In the end, we chose to stay at a caravan park. All of them were the same price and we picked the top one. There were 2 other hostels, the cheapest one ($25 AUD a night) was not selling beds per day, only weekly so I guess they were focusing on seasonal workers. We hurried up to check-in at the caravan park as it closed around 5 pm plus we wanted to make it to Kelly’s Knob lookout point to watch the sunset as a way to seal our perfect day 🙂

It was Friyay! Julie and I had friends who we met in Broome and had moved to Kununurra for work. So we ended up going to a house party and had a bit of a backpacker vibe in this small town at the very end of the Western Australia border.

Party is over, time to clean up

We woke up early in the morning, as usual, it was hot and we knew we had some washing and cleaning ahead of us. We organised our clothes in bags the night before and we washed them all together. We only used the dryer once and hung up the white clothes in the meantime. With the heat, we didn’t even need to pay for another dryer.

While some of us were finishing tidying up the van, the rest of us started cooking some pancakes! Yay! We had a very delicious breakfast, with fruits, cereal, milk, nutella, coffee and tea. We all had a shower again. I know, what a privilege!

Annabelle got to swim in the pool while Jordan and I were doing some work on our computers. It was nice to have some time to get some stuff done, with our van clean and shiny, and feeling fresh after the shower…

Adventure awaits

We went to the supermarket to get some food for the next few days. We didn’t get anything fresh as we thought we would have to chuck it once we cross the border to the Northern Territory. We packed a few things to make sandwiches for the following day as we were going kayaking and canoeing at Lake Argyle! 😀

Off we went to the next free campsite just 30 minutes from Lake Argyle. We set up our tents in a spot with a stunning view of the mountains with the Ord River by our side. It was definitely an Instagram moment. We collected some logs for the fire, as we were going to cook corn and potatoes in a foil.

We saw a few spiders. This is Australia, with tons of different species of everything so just we kept our tents closed and I did my best to keep my feet off the ground when sitting (sorry just in case, I’m being cautious!).

We had such a yum dinner! Everything you cook using fire tastes amazing, I’m telling ya. So if you’re going camping take advantage of that fire as much as you can.

Thanks to Daiana for another blog!! You can check out her own amazing adventures from all over the world on her website here.