Melbourne to Adelaide (+ Kangaroo Island)

Jump on the Share Bus from Melbourne to Adelaide and see incredible wildlife and iconic Great Ocean Road with a bunch of other backpackers.

This trip goes for 11 days and 11 nights. The destination is set, but the route is not – take control of your own adventure!

Start your journey, roadtripping through the wonders of the Great Ocean Road. Then you’ll head west to explore other natural wonders such as the volcanic area of Mount Gambier and the Grampians to see magnificent waterfalls and mountains and spot some wildlife. Then we head back to the Fleurieu Peninsula to enjoy some wine and national parks and snorkeling. We also have snorkeling equipment you can take advantage of. Finally, spend a few days exploring the nature of Kangaroo Island, untouched by introduced species it is abundant with wildlife such as the New Zealand fur seal, sea lions, kangaroos, and koalas. Surf, swim, kayak, and hike throughout nature. After Kangaroo Island, head into Adelaide to celebrate with your new road trip family. The last night’s hostel is on us!

Expect to get fit with lots of hiking, snorkeling and exercise as you appreciate the natural sights. This is a no-frills adventure – you’ll be setting up your own tents, sharing the driving, cooking your own dinner and sharing your tent with other 1 or 2 travellers. The target age group is 18-35.

Things to note

Please note this is a minibus rental, not a guided tour. You rent a seat on the bus. We provide a recommended itinerary to help guide you.

You are all sharing the driving, cooking and trip planning (but you have a comprehensive guidebook to help)

You will rent your seat as either a ‘driver’ or ‘non-driver’.

Non-drivers must never drive. Drivers can share driving and must be aged 21+

Once you book you will be given a full guide with free activities, paid activities, recommended campsites to visit, as well as recommended sights to see.

Please bring your own water bottle, sunscreen and torch. Be prepared for the tough weather!

Please limit luggage to 20kg and two bags.

Trip Highlights

  • See sea-lions, seals, koalas and kangaroos
  • Explore national parks, climb mountains, see waterfalls, go snorkelling
  • Drive the iconic Great Ocean Road
  • See volcanic Mount Gambier


General inclusions

  • Your Toyota Hiace Minibus, to drive to the places you choose (but not on 4WD roads!)
  • Fully equipped trailer with everything you need for camping, cooking, and fun
  • Consumables such as: toilet paper, oil, salt and pepper, gas, bin bags
  • Recommended itinerary (but you have freedom!)
  • Guide (for activities and camping locations – both free and pay sites)
  • Fuel consumption for unlimited km
  • Comprehensive insurance with roadside assistance
  • Special discounts on activities and accomodation

Trip-specific inclusions

  • Ferry to Kangaroo Island
  • National Park Entries
  • One night accommodation
  • Snorkelling gear


  • Most accommodation: although you can choose to stay at plenty of free camps, or budget pay camps
  • Food: We will give you all the equipment you need to cook what you like!
  • Sleeping bag: bring your own for hygiene reasons
  • Guide: it’s just you and fellow “rentees” driving this minibus. Enjoy!

Recommended itinerary

This itinerary is flexible to change with your new trip crew as you wish! However the dates for the Kangaroo Island ferry will be set.

Day One/Two: Great Ocean Road
Meet your bus mates, do a big food shop and then head to the Great Ocean Road to start your journey with a highlight! We recommend you drive as far as Cape Otway or the 12 Apostles on the first day. Go by Lorne and detour to choose a hike to see a waterfall. On the road stop at the famous sights including Cape Otway, Apollo Bay and Erskine Falls.
On Day 2 continue your journey along the road. Stop at the 12 Apostles, Razork\back, the Grotto, Loch Ard Gorge and London Bridge.

Day Three/Four: Grampians National Park
Visit Grampians National Park – Visit to see waterfalls, wildlife and mountains and go hiking. It’s known for its sandstone mountains, wildflowers and wildlife including echidnas and wallabies. You can find out about Aboriginal history here as well. The views and lookouts here are incredible! Check out some waterfalls and lookouts on day three, and if you are energetic you can take the morning of day four to do a five hour loop around “grand canyon” and up to “Pinnacle Point”

Day Five: Mount Gambier
Spend a day at Mount Gambier, a volcanic town. See Blue Lake, Umpherston Sink hole, Cave Gardens and Tantanoola Caves Conservation Park where you can go cave diving

Day Six: Mount Gambier/Coorong
Spend the morning in Mount Gambier, seeing what you didn’t manage to the day before. Then head to the pretty town of Robe with nearby lakes, before beginning the drive along The Coorong where you can find boating, kayaking, fishing, bird-watching and walking opportunities all available. See if you can find a camp in the sand dunes.

Day Seven: The Coorong/Fleurieu Peninsula
On the way out of The Coorong, make sure to check out the Pink Lake that may or not be pink! After this head towards Port Noarlunga or Aldinga for some sweet snorkelling and beach-side opportunities, or go for a walk in the Onkaparinga national park along the river. Finish off the day with some wine in the McClarenvale region – go get some free tastings!

Day Eight: Fleurieu Peninsula
If you just drank wine in the afternoon, and didn’t snorkel, this is your chance to see Port Noarlunga or Aldinga if you didn’t before! Afterwards head a little bit south and stop at ‘Second Valley’. It has been voted in the top 10 Australian beaches and if you are lucky you can spot a leafy Sea Dragon here! Make your way to Cape Jervis to catch an evening ferry accross to Kangaroo Island.

Day Nine: Kangaroo Island
Once in Kangaroo Island, we suggest visiting beaches near the Penneshaw (the port) . You can snorkel at brown beach or spot wildlife at island beach. Then head to Vivonne Bay. There is a lot to do in the area. Vivonne Bay is good surfing/swimming spot and you can also hire a sandboard to surf some large dunes nearby. Or a surfboard for the waves. Seal Bay Conservation area is nearby which you can go look at to see seals! You can also hire a kayak to kayak on the Harriet River for up to 4 hours – the start point is only a 5 minute drive away

Day Ten: Kangaroo Island
We suggest spending the morning in Vivonne bay doing whatever you didn’t manage to do the day before (kayaking/seals) Then head west. You can stop at Kelly Hills caves if you’re interested, and Hanson Bay sanctuary to see koalas in their natural habitat. After this head into the Flinders Chase national park and go to admirals Arch to try to spot baby seals. After setting up camp try to catch the sunset at Remarkable Rocks.

Day Eleven: Kangaroo Island
The morning is a good time for a hike or two in the national park. Check out the Platypus Pools walk (maybe you can spot a platypus), then head to Snake Lagoon Hike to spot skinks and tawny dragons. Then time to start making your way back to Penneshaw for the afternoon ferry. Make a stop by Kingscote, to check out the food/wine and the bay.

Catch the afternoon ferry accross to the mainland, clean and tidy up the bus and trailer and get it ready to be returned! Check into your hostel we will book for you, and celebrate the end of your journey!

Trip details

Melbourne to Adelaide (+ Kangaroo Island)

Trip length: 11 days

Early bird: $556 (4+ weeks before Start Date)
Full fee: $604

Start Date:

  • 3rd December 2019
  • 15th January 2020
  • 26th March 2020


Discounts are available:

  • if you book more than 4 weeks in advance
  • for groups of friends travelling together
  • if you want to stay on the Share Bus for more than one trip

Please send us an email for details and to ask for your discount eligibility.

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