Adventuring Out at Lake Argyle


We rented a kayak and a canoe from Lake Argyle Cruises for 20 dollars each! We packed a few sandwiches and beers and off we went. We started around 8:30 and came back around 1:30 pm.

We had a blast, and I got to experience both things as I’ve never done when kayaking before. It was a perfect sunny morning and we’d had enough breakfast to paddle for over an hour. We reached one of the main points for jumping off a rock. We, well they…, jumped a few times, we had some beers and chilled there for a couple of minutes until we decided to paddle a bit further for another 30 minutes to stop and eat our lunch. The lake was so clear and still. And there was a stunning view of the mountains from our kayaks. This was a definite must do before leaving Western Australia.

We paddled back and after we brought our gear back we went straight to the Infinity Pool, which has an amazing lookout of Lake Argyle as you swim. You can pay a day pass for 10 dollars and have access to the showers as well (Who knew you can reach heaven for a few bucks!). We asked reception if it was the same price for us as we were going to stay no longer than an hour and 30 minutes. They let us pay only 5 dollars each, and we got to shower after and head off to cross the border.

The pool might seem bigger in photos but it was definitely worth the view!

Thanks again to Daiana for her sweet video and this blog! See more of her stuff here.